Book update … another chapter finished

Current Progress Reports: RAYSON’S story Previous word count:    60387 Chapter:     18 Current word count:      63475 Chapter:      18 Finished  GUSTY’S story Previous word count:     25658 Chapter:      18 Finished      Current word count:      26569 Chapter:      19 Finished

Is he still writing those damn books?

One of the victims of my recent bout of hiding … actually two, are the two stories that have chosen me to share themselves with the world. They temporarily got lost in the darkness, which is a shame because they are both wonderful stories (at least in my mind). But thankfully now that I seem to be ... Read More

Emerging genius

As I stumble my way through life, I often find myself inadvertently doing what, as far as I can tell, I was actually born to do. It is rather ironic that in all my deep explorations of self; all my questioning of what my purpose in the world is; what I actually want to do with life, ... Read More

Most recent book stats

The most current status of the books: RAYSON’S story Previous word count:    57240 Chapter:     17 Current word count:      59456 Chapter:      17 Finished GUSTY’S story Previous word count:     24241 Chapter:      17 Finished      Current word count:      25658 Chapter:      18 Finished

Yep. Just gonna do it.

It is kind of ironic that today when I actually have an update on book progress after far too long, my random post of the day is actually the little creation that started the whole journey. A reminder I guess. Anyway I am actually proud of myself today. I sat down and managed to put ... Read More

Deluding myself back into action!

As I have mentioned, I have been struggling with the whole “Why bother?” concept for sometime now. This not only covered blogging, but pretty much everything to do with life these days. Why look for another pointless job that will only make me miserable for instance. I solved that issue pretty easily by not really looking. But sadly this makes ... Read More

Been far too long …

I took a long hiatus on my book projects … much longer than I realized and certainly much longer than I had any plan of doing. For multiple reasons I have found myself both supremely unmotivated and uninspired in continuing either of my books in the last couple of months. Not sure what exactly changed ... Read More

Attaboy Georgie!

After a holiday break, the world-famous 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups once again returns. Apparently the powers behind it well benefited from the rest, because the new challenge is a doozy! In honor of the birth and death of some dude named Shakespeare (I am taking my life in my hands I know), we ... Read More

Gratitude revisited … again (Go “G”)

A few weeks back, I wrote a couple of posts on gratitude. I started with a tongue in cheek post, but for a few reasons felt obliged to post a more serious one. Despite the fact that I think it was fairly well written, and I certainly meant what I said … it seems I ... Read More

Breathe (A “B” post)

Sometimes it seems as if life is just a dream. In dreams transitions make sense. Connections are clear in a way that to the “awake” mind seem just random. I think I might be dreaming now. A year ago Bandersnatches … inspired by Alice in Wonderland … a week ago a creative ... Read More