The boy known as Hawk neared his destination. He barely noticed how hard the climb had been in his excitement. He was almost there! Soon his new dream would be a reality! He once again marveled at the strange set of circumstances that lead to this moment. His luck had ... Read More

Cat tales

I seem to finally have slipped back into creative mode. Especially in the last few days. First I had my recent video creation, and then I came up with my creative way of exercising for my upcoming adventure. It seems only appropriate to keep that creative mojo going, and return to the 100 Word Challenge ... Read More


This past week was an oddly quick one. Considering my adventure today changing the house water filter, the prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is eerily appropriate. The prompt is: …but where does the water go?… I am not quite sure where I will take it, ... Read More

A seed is planted

The Queen of Faerie spoke, and her ethereal voice carried with the force of a winter storm, yet thrilled with the sweet music of spring. None in the realm could escape her words, even if they so chose. “We must have a herald!” she breathed. “The human world forgets us!” The Denizens of the Mists ... Read More

Looking for magic …

For some reason this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Adults is eluding me.  Guess my brain’s vacation has not ended yet. I jumped up and down a few times trying to shake something loose, but the magic just is not catching hold today. This was the best I could manage. Maybe inspiration will return after ... Read More

Magicians in training

As my sister mentioned in her recent post about the Creative Spirit, I was privileged enough to witness her in action as she invited me to a saturday theater class she had been teaching. I joined the class, and participated in the warm up exercises, which was rather fun. But I also took advantage of having a ... Read More

Mary's tale

It’s that time again. After several days of doing more reading than writing, it is time to get the fingers (and brain) working again. What better way to start than with this weeks 100 word challenge. Enjoy! Mary thought she could do it. No she KNEW she could. After all, it was in her blood. ... Read More