Crazy dreams

For quite a while now I have been wandering in the dusty dank darkness of my inner corridors. I have gotten lost in the dark rooms of my mind, and am having difficulty finding the windows and doors that lead to sunshine and fresh air. So this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups seems hand picked ... Read More

An excerpt …

Lacking something bloggy yet desiring to post SOMETHING, I have heeded the request of one or three people and am including an excerpt from one of my book projects. Enjoy (I hope): Five minds shared a dream. One mind untouchable by shadow; one thriving on it. Three minds falling in between. One feminine mind, four ... Read More

Time for another stream of consciousness post …

My mind is once again in the midst of a mind storm. Whirlwinds of thoughts circling around, only occasionally pausing enough for me to catch a glimpse before swirling away to be replaced by the next thought. Each thought seemingly different yet somehow related. Once again patterns are emerging. But this time they are as much patterns of ... Read More

Think for yourself

When I was in college, I attended several very important discussions brought on by recent disturbing events at the school. The discussions were lead by the deans, and had their selection of “experts”. The subject was date rape. At the time a fairly new concept, one not easily defined and considering the subject matter and ... Read More