Me just being ME (so she can be SHE)

It may seem odd, but one of the questions I find the toughest to answer is when I am asked, “What do you do for a living?” Even back in the days when I had something resembling a traditional working life, I never quite knew how to answer that question. As far as I am ... Read More

The Song of the Pond

The other day, I did something I have not done in a very long time, yet something that should be a staple of my soul’s diet. I communed with nature for a bit. As many of my recent posts have indicated, I am struggling with a lot of things at the moment … all which ... Read More

Change the world with a song

Music is power. Music can reach the very soul, when mere words fall flat. Even the least musically inclined person can be moved by music. This is why movies have sound tracks. This is why the simple concept of a person’s right to play a song is one of the ... Read More

A long overdue moment.

I have been so busy lately trying to create masterpieces. So busy trying to find meaning; trying to find purpose. So busy highlighting the flaws I perceive in my own life and then doing my best to turn them into blessings. So busy trying to find today’s lesson. I have been so busy doing all of this ... Read More


I sat on the bench, looking out over the lush little valley I was in. This man-made oasis of beauty in the middle of the Arizona desert was a both a haven and a challenge. I came here to reconnect. With my self. With nature. With the world. I was feeling on the cusp of some great revelation. Both at one with ... Read More

Around the Fire

Can you feel the pull? My sister is creating a magical being capable of revealing how our stories intertwine. The Storyteller invites all to sit around the campfire; to join her in entering the realm of possibility. Not only does this open my soul’s eyes to future possibilities, but it is bringing back past stories as well. ... Read More


Rhythmic sounds. Variety of tones. Beauty and dissonance. Emotional resonance. Music to my ears. Colors. Bright and dark. Contrast. Visual stimulation. Movement. Music to my eyes. Sweet and sour. Sharp and pleasant. Bland and startling. Various textures. Music to my mouth. Pungent. Or maybe just a hint. Heady. Eye watering or mouth watering. Music to ... Read More

A moment of creation.

In a cacophonous roar, we try to find beauty. Or is it truth? Look inwards. Deeper. What is there? Can we hear the silence yet? An infinitesimal moment of peace. And then… A single note. Another. More. Rhythm. Beauty (truth?) begins. And grows. Bring it to the surface. Share it. The cacophony is silenced for ... Read More