You need to pay me to read this post!

It is an odd thing but I am finding more and more that when I post on all my blogs on the same day the themes of the posts, if not exactly the same, at east compliment each other.  Maybe it is not so odd since they originate in the same mind. This has not ... Read More

It continues …

Not sure deciding to start writing a book on Fourth of July weekend is the best idea! I am proud to say though that despite lack of sleep due to working and debauchery followed by a day of slacking for recovery purposes I have still managed to make some progress! I managed to create a database to track characters, ... Read More

It begins…

Today I took some steps to firm my commitment to give birth to a book, as well as help the process along. For obvious reason, what to write has been a strong presence in my mind for two days now. Because of this and the wild and woolly ways of the active mind, I had me a dream this ... Read More