The bottle was empty. All the bottles were empty. Checking multiple times would not change the fact. He sighed. If only he had not completely missed the last watering hole. It was hard enough running out of water without it being so bloody hot and humid. Time to make a ... Read More

Everyone is an artist

What is art? What does it mean to create? To me they are different parts of speech for the same process. Create is the verb. Art is the creation … the noun. Simply put, creation is expressing our soul in the physical world. Art is the ultimate result. Anyone can ... Read More

Close call

I have lived a bit of an adventurous life. Was kind of an adrenaline junkie when I was younger. As a result, I have had several invitations by cheery Thanatos himself, which I graciously declined. All of these incidents have stuck in my mind … for obvious reasons. After all it is hard to forget a visit by such ... Read More