”“ Your inner voice is the voice of divinity. To hear it, we need to be in solitude, even in crowded places. A. R. Rahman Everyone has an opinion to offer. Whether a decision is potentially life altering, or as simple as what one’s favorite color is, everyone has an ... Read More

Hope, Duality, and Chinese Food

There is plain and simply NO VALID REASON for hunger and poverty. Our world has enough resources to ensure that EVERYONE in can live a comfortable and healthy life. While disease is not necessarily as easy to eliminate … there is really NO REASON for any epidemic or pandemic to be able to flourish. War ... Read More

Eternal Question

I have not done the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups for a few weeks now … and almost feel like something is missing. Partly because my lust for creation has been somewhat dimmed of late. Partly because of a mind overfilled with … plain and simply … STUFF.  But then I encountered my sister’s ... Read More

I think we all could use a bit o' this!

I haven’t really had much to say in the blogging world lately (as some may have noticed). It is not so much writer’s block as a lack of fresh ideas I guess. It seems even to me lately that I am just repeating my own thoughts in new patterns. When one gets bored reading their ... Read More

Whatever happened to imagination?

It boggles my mind that with all the wonders mankind sees and better yet creates every moment … that anyone can actually have a closed mind. Those who believe in an all-knowing, all-powerful deity should be able to believe that ANYTHING is possible. Yet they set limits on everything, because it steps outside their comfort zone. Ironically, those who ... Read More

#atozchallenge: Peace or peace? A poem.

eace. lentiful nature. No people yet. eople. Play well with nature. Low population. opulation grows. People don’t play well. Peace disturbed. These people prefer these people. Those people prefer those people. These and those pester each other. Pestering becomes power struggles. All people find they prefer profit. Power struggles and ... Read More

Some random thoughts on peace

Since I am once again channelling my inner Don Quixote, the world … especially the internet world, has shifted in my sights again. It is aways interesting to me how our vision will shift according to what we want, or better yet need, to see. Of course one has to be willing to actually see, and not ... Read More

Just call me Steve Quixote

Like many a blogger, I have gone through several stages of “Why am I doing this?” At first it was just a place to share many of my creations in one place. Once upon a time a I rarely let anyone see anything, but a proper skull knocking set me straight. Then as I delved into the ... Read More

I am crying …

Yesterday I said I wanted my laugh back. Today I am writing this post with tears in my eyes. If you have not been made aware yet, we have had another school shooting. The worst yet as far as I know. We don’t even know all the details yet, because it just happened. So far ... Read More


I found a problem that couldn’t seem to be solved. It was time. Time, for others to be involved. I headed to the West, and found a new friend. “Do you, sir, have a hand to lend?” He smiled a smile and laughed a laugh. “What kind of problem do you have?” We set to ... Read More