Just what I needed!

For me communing with nature is the ultimate restorative. Sure mankind has made many wondrous things, and much life and beauty can be found in the “civilized” world as well. But sadly no matter how stimulating the world of man can be, it is also always shadowed by mankind’s alternate side. Everywhere man touches has its beauty, but it ... Read More

How does one answer that anyway?

As I journey more and more in this new adventure I have set upon, I face new challenges every moment.  This is to be expected, and I am not complaining. My mind has been stagnating for far too long, so a good bit of regular exercise for it is just what it needed! Of course what I am doing ... Read More


I have always dabbled a bit in meditation, but back in the days when I was the webmaster for a “cult”. I learned a lot more about the art. Meditation is a wonderful way to get centered, to reconnect with your “true self” as well as the universe at large. I have often heard people ... Read More