I often dream of other mes, mes that are not me. These dreams make me wonder if I’m the me I’m meant to be? Perhaps I have it backwards, I am living the life I should, to allow all these other mes to be the mes they would. Perhaps my ... Read More

Jabberwocky Jr …. a Tale of Revenge

‘Twas brillig, and the no longer slithy toves Had ceased to gyre and gimble in the wabe; The borogoves has lost all their mimsy, And the mome raths had lost their outgrabe. “Mourn the Jabberwock, my son The jaws that smile, the eyes that watch! Great friend to the Jubjub ... Read More


I have been blogging on and off for about seven years now. I started blogging when I truly started understanding how little I fit in this strange society of ours. It was a means to share a bit of myself while not having to really mix with the “rabble”. I ... Read More


One is unity, uniqueness, the everlasting soul. Two is companionship, to help complete the whole. Three is family, the sum of one and two. Four is community, combining we and you. Five is strength, as community begins to grow. Six is divisiveness, because differences start to show. Seven is healing, ... Read More


I looked in a mirror, and what did I see? A weary old stranger. “Who are you, you’re not me?!” I looked once again, expecting to find, The me I remember; the me in my mind. The reflection just stared back, tired and worn, A face shaped by sorrow, sad ... Read More

#atozchallenge: Justification (a political poem)

How do we justify? We always DO. Because I am to the LEFT, through and through? Or maybe others, they may cite, To the RIGHT is what is right. But between me and you, and maybe he and she … Is it possible that there might a middle road be? Could maybe a bit of RIGHT be wrong? ... Read More

Wrapping trouble

A few years back, I borrowed ‘Twas the night before Christmas, read it, passed it through my own word grinder, and came up with a slightly different version that expressed something I wanted to say. Since then it has become a sort of seasonal habit for me to come up with some version. Technically it started a long time ... Read More

Why am I?

As some of you may know, my father has Alzheimer’s, and I currently live with my mother for several reasons, one being to help in his care. Now most people know of Alzheimer’s and have these images of what it is like, often fueled by portrayals from movies and television. And while there is some ... Read More

A life

Once again it is time for that wonder of wonders, the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. And once again the challenge is … well … challenging. Especially in my continued creative slump.  I am not even sure I actually have the right concept of the challenge this week. But not having a clue has never really stopped ... Read More