Updating …

The other day, when I started the computer I received a notification that a one of the programs I use to keep the computer working smoothly needed an update. I clicked on the link to the update, downloaded it, and installed it, only to find the file I just downloaded ... Read More

Putting one foot in front of the other (for a change)

As part of my pursuit of a better me, I use Lumosity. Lumosity is a site devoted to exercising the brain. I have always believed keeping the brain strong is just as important as keeping the body healthy. Add to this the history in my family of brain related diseases ... Read More

Words and more words

It is amazing what having a chat with the right people can do. Some people offer encouragement. Some offer empathy. Then there are those that offer a good bitch slap upside the head and say get on with it already. Whatever did the trick, I managed  to pump a few more words out on one ... Read More

Book update … another chapter finished

Current Progress Reports: RAYSON’S story Previous word count:    60387 Chapter:     18 Current word count:      63475 Chapter:      18 Finished  GUSTY’S story Previous word count:     25658 Chapter:      18 Finished      Current word count:      26569 Chapter:      19 Finished

F = Fast Food Fenomenon

This is an idea I have had floating around for some time now, and today being F day in the A to Z challenge, it is time to share it! Cultures, like individual people, have well-defined characters. And also like people, these characters are often best displayed in the activities we most take for granted. ... Read More

Book update time!

A quick update on book progress. I finally got off my arse and started writing again. Made more progress in story development than words but still progress. Rayson’s tale is about to get exciting. Gusty’s story was more about fine tuning and error removal with the help of a friend’s careful eye. All in all ... Read More

Just passed 10000 words!

For those interested, I have now officially gotten to almost 10 percent of a typical fantasy novel. In my mind a milestone worth noting. Despite a lack of regular discipline yet, I have managed to pump out over 10000 words of a cohesive and maybe even good story. Still a very looooooong way to go, but I almost believe I can actually do ... Read More