A true friend …

I lost a friend the other day. I thought we were close. It got me thinking about what friendship really means. I was wondering if I was the problem, or maybe I just didn’t really understand what friendship means.  I was so deep in thought about this question that I did not ... Read More

The eye of the storm

I have been seriously lacking creative moments recently. I have not written anything in a week or more, and have not even picked up my camera. I would say that I have slipped back into the depression I was struggling with, but I don’t think that is really it. Sure I have been doing a ... Read More

So what IS a friend anyway?

Back in the days before some crazy man invented electricity (it was invented by man right?), it was a lot easier to tell who your friends were. Way back when a friend was someone who shared the same stomping ground, wore the same skins, and did unmentionables in the same unmentionable spot. Anyone else wandering in was persona non-grata ... Read More

Looking for … (an L post)

I am in a rather weird place lately. Not so much my physical location. That has not changed and is no more weird (or not weird) then it ever was. I live in purgatory (a.k.a. suburbia) so not much changes here. Not much actually happens here for that matter. If one wishes to find signs ... Read More

Gratitude revisited … again (Go “G”)

A few weeks back, I wrote a couple of posts on gratitude. I started with a tongue in cheek post, but for a few reasons felt obliged to post a more serious one. Despite the fact that I think it was fairly well written, and I certainly meant what I said … it seems I ... Read More