What was I writing again?

In the few years I have been blogging, the whole concept of WHY I blog often settles in. Every time it happens, I end up having a dry period, wondering “What exactly is it I am doing here? What do I hope to accomplish?” I then wander around in circles ... Read More

Yep. I am lost again.

Yep. I don’t get it. I used to think I had a clue. But the more I wander through this thing we call life … the more that I realize how clueless I really am. Especially about people. Last I checked, I fall in the category of people, but sometimes I wonder if I am ... Read More

Another excerpt

Since I recently shared a bit from one of my books, I figured I would continue the self promotion a little and share a bit from the other one as well. Hope you enjoy this too 🙂 Confused was a slight understatement to what Gusty was feeling at the moment. He had not really had ... Read More

Yep. I've done it again!

” I think we have created a monster!” Is what someone might say if they knew this shy, unassuming guy who had some skill with words and a camera yet was too shy to share his creations with the world was now establishing his … GASP!! … THIRD BLOG!! OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit on ... Read More