In search of a proper meal

A problem with existential crises it that no matter how deeply you question, and what realization you may come to, the dilemma doesn’t simply go away until the soul is satisfied. It is like craving a flavor but not quite knowing what flavor it is you crave … so you just eat everything in sight until you find it ... Read More

Jailbreak (a Journey in J)

Yesterday was “J” in the A to Z challenge. Once again I am a day late. Not doing so well in the discipline department. Ah well … Bars! Surprisingly strong! Yet invisible … Chains built in the same forge. Also unseen. I must get out! JAILER!! (jailer …) LET ME OUT!! (please oh please) For an ... Read More

Homo Happyamiyes (What the H is that?)

Anthropologists have discovered a new species to add to the list of human development. It seems that there is a subspecies of Homo Sapiens called Homo Happyamiyes. This subspecies is somewhat rare, but not so rare that they don’t interact with Homo Sapiens. The subspecies is very similar in characteristics to Homo Sapiens, with a few notable differences. For ... Read More

Too many magicians!

Spring is in the air, which invariable causes two opposing reactions in Dichotomous Mister Steve. On the one hand, my lust for life is ignited, and I feel the thrill of possibility in every breath I take. Yet at the same time, this often seems to heighten the shadows I live in, and I also get a ... Read More