What stealing pens while eating a salad taught me …

I have recently been dealing with what I consider the flip side of writer’s block. Basically instead of a lack of ideas to write about, I have a surplus. There are so many that they are bleeding together, and I am actually having a difficult time separating the thoughts enough to put them into words. ... Read More

Billy Joel

I have not really done a pure stream of consciousness post in a while. Today, as I sit in stereotypical writer mode, it seems like a good  day to do one. For those of you who have encountered it before, now is a good time to run. For those of you who have not … … now is a ... Read More

#atozchallenge: Eeeeeep! (or is that sheep?)

Now that I have gotten your attention, I really have no idea what I am going to write this time. Basically I almost forgot that I had not done today’s post, so have no plan of action. I figured I would just do one of my random, lets see what happens if I just start ... Read More

My favorite color is clear

It always amuses me when I actually have something I want to say; something I want to get out there … nobody really reads it. Or at least gives me any feedback. But when I post something that is totally meaningless and arbitrary, suddenly people are coming out of the woodwork and liking it. Of course ... Read More