Irony and Synchronicity

The last time I moved back to the ‘rents house to “temporarily” recoup was roughly … 6 years ago. Since then, I have been living my hermit life  in what I affectionately call “the cave”. I had several considered reasons for this move, all of which made logical sense to me. I was broke and ... Read More

Ostriches … a rant in O

I haven’t had a good ole fist shaking, spit spraying rant in a while, so feel I am about due. This particular rant brought on by something my sister said in her recent post, a chat convo I had with a friend yesterday, and the wonderful yet sadly neglected by ... Read More

Magicians in training

As my sister mentioned in her recent post about the Creative Spirit, I was privileged enough to witness her in action as she invited me to a saturday theater class she had been teaching. I joined the class, and participated in the warm up exercises, which was rather fun. But I also took advantage of having a ... Read More