So what IS a friend anyway?

Back in the days before some crazy man invented electricity (it was invented by man right?), it was a lot easier to tell who your friends were. Way back when a friend was someone who shared the same stomping ground, wore the same skins, and did unmentionables in the same unmentionable spot. Anyone else wandering in was persona non-grata ... Read More

A bunch of questions …

A HIGHLY UNORIGINAL IDEA Who am I? Who are we? Am I who I was yesterday? For that matter, was I who I was yesterday, yesterday? Are you a monster? Am I a monster? What is a monster anyway? What is important? Is anything important actually important? Am I mad? Are “they” mad? Are we all mad? ... Read More

Real virtuality

I just wrote a tongue in cheek post about how silly Social Networking can be. And while I do laugh at it, I also find it very disturbing. It seems to me, that in our constant search to “improve” the human condition, we are actually straying further and further away from being human. The new ... Read More

I have succumbed…

My sister and I have been on many adventures together. Me being the oddest of creatures, a technophobic techno-geek who prefers natural to man-made, many of those adventures involved trekking through beasty ridden  forests with a full pack and a canoe on our backs, or maybe something even scarier like painting a bedroom. But there ... Read More