Time to try this organization thang again …

Life is ultimately about change. This is no great revelation … a simple statement of observable fact. So why do I start my post with a statement of the obvious? Ultimately, because I need to start SOMEWHERE, and that is what worked for me. Yep, folks, I am once again ... Read More

A random bit o' babble

It seems I have only posted twice here in the last ten or so days. I guess my motivation slump is worse than I thought. Haven’t really done much on the other blogs either … though I have done more photos than anything. In some ways photos take less thought … while at the same time expressing ... Read More

Kan't seem to Kome up with something Kool (Krazy “K”)

Since I was lax in my daily post for the A to Z daily (except Sundaily) Challenge yesterday, I am doing two today. Unfortunately my kreative kapacity today seems very limited, partially bekause my mood is on the gloomy side, so after struggling through my “J” post, I seem at a loss for “K“. I have often found that when I am ... Read More

Existentially speaking (you guessed it … E)

A  LOGICALLY ILLOGICAL (ILLOGICALLY LOGICAL?) CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE I think therefore I am. Our country is doing it’s best to eliminate the ability to think for ourselves. We have systematically removed thinking from any governmentally approved curriculum. We sell, promote, campaign, entertain, etc. with the basic assumption that the target can not actually think. And it often ... Read More

Too many magicians!

Spring is in the air, which invariable causes two opposing reactions in Dichotomous Mister Steve. On the one hand, my lust for life is ignited, and I feel the thrill of possibility in every breath I take. Yet at the same time, this often seems to heighten the shadows I live in, and I also get a ... Read More

ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd uo ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd ǝןʇʇıן ɐ

Perspective seems to be on my mind for a change. Perspective, as anyone who has braved this collection of random words that might be perceived as a “blog” might have noticed, is a common theme in my sharings. One of the skills I value most is my ability to shift perspective with little effort. This ability is actually the core ... Read More

You need to pay me to read this post!

It is an odd thing but I am finding more and more that when I post on all my blogs on the same day the themes of the posts, if not exactly the same, at east compliment each other.  Maybe it is not so odd since they originate in the same mind. This has not ... Read More

An interlude

I have managed not to be quite productive in the writing front for the last few weeks. Translation: how does one write again? And apparently today is no different. But out of some bizarre sense of obligation and to pretend I am missed, I am writing a little bit to say … well nothing really. ... Read More

What year is it anyway?

So rumor has it today ends something and tomorrow starts something new. Personally I don’t get it. What does January 1st start anyway, other that an arbitrary calendar? I mean some dude with a god complex and the money and political clout to back it says: “Name a month after me, and make it the ... Read More

Redefining “Gratitude” mark 2

I did not intend to write a post here today. But the universe works in mysterious ways, and here I am. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek bit on my other blog (which is kind of devoted to tongue-in-cheek) called Redefining “Gratitude”. Unfortunately it is far from deep and thought provoking as the title might imply. Little ... Read More