#atozchallenge: Xylocarpic splendor

How do words come into being? How did a rock become described by the sound “rawk”?  Why is wind not wssshhhhhh? Why do words for mother sound similar in many different languages ? Why does a dog say “woof” (actually dogs, and chickens and cows, make different sounds in different ... Read More

At long last …

Once upon a time, this basically lazy but somewhat creative guy came up with a crazy idea. He got sick of telling people he was unemployed when they asked what he did for a living, so he figured Author would be a much better way of saying it. To add some verisimilitude to this concept, he learned ... Read More

Synonymously speaking …

I was thinking when I woke up this morning. Or perhaps this one was cogitating when he arose this dawn. And what was all the cerebrating about? Word play. Or maybe it was phrase utilization. It is that time in the challenge for the S post. But what should I announce in the contest for the 19th ... Read More