#atozchallenge: Xylocarpic splendor

How do words come into being? How did a rock become described by the sound “rawk”?  Why is wind not wssshhhhhh? Why do words for mother sound similar in many different languages ? Why does a dog say “woof” (actually dogs, and chickens and cows, make different sounds in different ... Read More

#atozchallenge: Something

Since I once again got of schedule in my A to Z Challenge posts, I am going to combine one of them with this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups post. That way I am not burdening the blogging world with numerous bits o’ silliness and forcing people to evaluate how much they can ... Read More

A twofer

Last week was a bit out of whack for me. Between the world ending, the holidays, a few days of actual social life, and starting my newest attempt to save the world (which is kind of silly considering the world just ended), I completely missed last week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. I really wanted to ... Read More

Growing family

Once upon a time I was me. Then for a while I stopped being me and started being another me. Now the second me was not a happy me and wished he could return to being the first me. After a while me two kind of forgot who me one was, and things really started ... Read More

A future lesson (aka The Great Twister Massacre)

Since my posts of late have been a bit on the morose and whiney side, it seemed appropriate to slide the tongue back into the cheek for a bit. Fortunately today happens to be monday … or for the initiate … 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups day! Today’s prompt is actually a picture (you can see it at ... Read More

Wordy wordlessness

Words have great power! This is a theme I often use in my attempts at writing on this blog, but it is by no means an original idea. Words have the power to raise a person beyond their perceived limits; or to send them into the depths. A simple word can start a war … or end it. Skilled use of ... Read More

The view from outside

One of the beauties of the blogging world is it is a world were we can challenge each other to greatness, while at the same time unite in creating this greatness. We inspire each other, and as a result the world improves one word at a time. The 100 Word Challenge for Adults is a perfect example ... Read More

Two attempts

I am once again caught in the inertia of my own lack of momentum, so I am having a creative lull. I always look forward to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups because it tends to be the spark that lights the pilot light and gets my thought oven a cooking again (sorry for the ... Read More