#atozchallenge: Xylocarpic splendor

How do words come into being? How did a rock become described by the sound “rawk”?  Why is wind not wssshhhhhh? Why do words for mother sound similar in many different languages ? Why does a dog say “woof” (actually dogs, and chickens and cows, make different sounds in different ... Read More

A lesson written in stone

Now that I had a nice solid rant to clean the airways, I am well prepared for a bit o’ creating. Fortunately it is 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups time again, so creating is a given. This weeks prompt is actually the following picture. I hope I do the picture justice! Pygmalion stood up ... Read More

I am positive about this!

I have been having a struggling with words phase again. No that is not quite it. I have no problem coming up with words. Maybe even putting them together in a coherent and even somewhat skilled manner. The issue is more with the emotional content of the words. So I guess I am actually struggling with emotions again. Not ... Read More