A long overdue good deed …

I haven’t done any gratuitous plugging (other than maybe for myself) in a while. I feel so un-American now. But this is easily rectified, so here I go. Of course my plugs still qualify as invisible in the grand scheme of things, but for some people two new readers is still a bonus. For instance I would ... Read More

Accolades again

It is amazing how some lessons just don’t want to sink in. I have often talked about how frequently the best way to find things is to stop looking for them (or better yet look for something else). Yet despite my understanding of this and frequently proving it to myself, I still manage to frequently ... Read More

A challenge has been offered…

So my sister, the newly awakened master blogger in the making (creator of the renowned Woman Wielding Words and the developing Writing Practice: Perfecting Prose and Poetry), challenged me, a mere novice in the blogging world, to a blogging challenge. I have entered the A to Z Blogging Challenge, which is a true challenge for me in several ways. For one, ... Read More