At long last …

Once upon a time, this basically lazy but somewhat creative guy came up with a crazy idea. He got sick of telling people he was unemployed when they asked what he did for a living, so he figured Author would be a much better way of saying it. To add some verisimilitude to this concept, he learned ... Read More

Silly poems can be fun to make!

I need to stretch my brain. As I embrace writing this book, my mind is absorbed not only by the words that need to actually relay the story, but the world that is slowly developing as the backdrop to the story. Even the simplest of stories has its background. So I post here and on my other ... Read More

A challenge has been offered…

So my sister, the newly awakened master blogger in the making (creator of the renowned Woman Wielding Words and the developing Writing Practice: Perfecting Prose and Poetry), challenged me, a mere novice in the blogging world, to a blogging challenge. I have entered the A to Z Blogging Challenge, which is a true challenge for me in several ways. For one, ... Read More