I’ll just keep trying …

This crazy of idea of mine seems to be growing a bit as far as being seen, yet it still is not going anywhere. Wise words (if they are indeed wise) are useless if they do not teach anyone. Words that are meant to inspire fail if they only inspire a good feeling or random thoughts in another. Calls to action get nowhere if the only action that results is a nod of the head. Maybe it is a weakness of the presentation. Maybe it is ME who is the problem. But I KNOW in my heart the issue is NOT the fundamental idea. Maybe creating an online nation devoted to peace and removing the man-made walls that are constantly being built between us; walls that too many of us willingly accept, is a crazy way of going about it. But the goal is not only NOT crazy, but one that MOST humans share. So why is it that so few will heed the shout for help when it is being shouted from all over? Why do so few take up opportunities to shift the balance … even if only a little … when offered?

It is odd that the many let the selfish, self-serving few dictate how destiny of the world, when the many truly have the power to take the world back. We let the aggressive; the power-hungry guide us into a darker and darker world, because actually DOING something about it pushes us out of our comfort zone, and then wonder why it is so dark outside. STOP being SHEEP! Stop letting others do our thinking for us. Stop finding excuses NOT to do what only WE can do, and MAYBE … just maybe we can bring the daylight back. “I don’t know how!” is not an answer. That is why we work together. What one mind cannot solve alone, TOGETHER solutions may be found.

Here is the list of ideals that I am hoping that this “Nation” will live by. I created it as a starting point … fundamentals for a “constitution”. I expected the list to grow, with help from others … as I learn myself. It has not grown much … but everything on it seems to be the opposite of where the world is heading right now … and I for one am determined to stop it … SOMEHOW. This is my fundamental basis for declaring myself a citizen of PAX Nation. I CANNOT be the ONLY one who thinks this way. Maybe it means little, but by declaring these as my guidelines … by declaring myself a Citizen of PAX Nation … I actually take the first step to making such ideals a reality for everyone. But I can’t do it alone!

  • ALL life is sacred.
  • Violence really does not solve anything.
  • Money is a means, not an end.
  • No THING has more value than life.
  • Peace is a choice.
  • Appearance does not determine the quality of a human being.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.
  • No belief system is any more or less valid than another.
  • There is no good reason for one human to kill another.
  • Children are our future.
  • Everybody is entitled to live how they choose, as long as their choices do not interfere with other people’s lives.
  • We do not own the earth. Rather we are part of it.
  • Education is not just a necessity, it is also a basic human right.
  • Shelter, food in the stomach, and healthcare are also basic human rights.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with the human body, nor any natural act.
What ONE cannot do alone ...
What ONE cannot do alone …

Are these ideals yours? Do you have more that you would add? Would you be willing to call yourself a Citizen of PAX Nation? Tell me! Tell everyone. Don’t know how to become a citizen? Make a suggestion how. I welcome all ideas. Some might work … some might not. But none will if they are never offered. Hey I will even welcome people who want to tell me how WRONG they think I am. At least that is someone who is standing up for what they believe.

Are you a bystander … or part of this world? Only YOU can decide. If you want to take an active stance … I am here to help, even as I ask for your help.