In hot water …

Damn my writing muscles don’t want to stretch today! This is my fifth try at starting this post and this is the best I can do! What’s up with that!!

Anyhoo, yesterday was 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups day. Since I found the last day and a half more suitable to sleeping then anything actually productive, I am just getting to it today. This week’s prompt is a photo:

It is interesting to me that for someone who likes both photography and writing, I sure have difficulty mixing the two. To me they are kind of different languages. Each can tell great stories, but try to translate from one to the other and the story loses something. That is why my photo blog is mostly just photos, and my written blogs mainly just has photos for eye appeal. So I have to admit that as much as this photo speaks to me, it is not really finding words in me. But I will give it a go anyway and see what I can squeeze out.

T was not looking forward to going into the study. He knew his dad was not at all happy, and T had to admit he might deserve what he was about to get. Ever since he had started hanging out with the Tank triplets he had been setting his dad to boil! Usually for good reason.

He knocked on the door. His dad practically whistled “Come in!” Oh yeah! His dad was steamed!

T meekly entered. His father was so hot he could barely sit still. He held up the letter that started “Dear Mr. Pot …” and said “Well?! …”