JessicaJohn ran up the hillstairs. SheHe was huffing  and puffing by the time the top was reached. “Damn am I out of shape,” thought Jessica. It was not obvious by looking at him, he seemed a fairly fit woman. “It comes from too many pizzascookies! I guess I need to run more.”

It was a rainysunny day, making it all worth while. Fortunately, it was

not too hot,  or too cold. or maybe it was. Amy entered his apartment. She could not wait to get in the shower. The phone ringing interrupted the television show.

“Is this Joe?” asked the voice on the other end.

Still wet from the shower, Jessica answered sharply, “Who else would be answering my phone?!”

“We NEED YOU BACK AT the hospital within the hour!”
“I’ll be there in ten,” he grumbled.

After a good night’s rest, Jessica was back at the school bright and early.

I will continue this later when I have a better idea for the story!.