It begins…

Today I took some steps to firm my commitment to give birth to a book, as well as help the process along.

For obvious reason, what to write has been a strong presence in my mind for two days now. Because of this and the wild and woolly ways of the active mind, I had me a dream this morning. Said dream basically expanded on a story that I had already started (one I have pointed out several times recently), and opened up a whole new avenue of creation that to me could make it a really good story. As well as give me a lot more flexibility in my writing.

I don’t dream much, or at least remember when I do. so I usually pay attention when the dreams stick!

So what to write? Check!

The next obstacle was my rather unreliable memory for details. One concern I had about writing a multi-character story was that I would have a tough time keeping track of my characters. I can’t even do that with real people! I decided I would create a way of tracking them, so I knew what the hell I was doing. At first I was going to use a simple spread sheet, but I got it into my head to make it into a database, so I can give more details and make it searchable.

Of course that meant spending much of the day learning how to make a database! Off to a good start!!

Ironically, by doing this seemingly sidetracky job, I began having a firmer idea of what I need to actually develop characters, and how they will begin relating to each other. Beyond that, by putting a fair amount of energy in a rather annoying and un-rewarding task, I fully took ownership of the goal that I have set for myself.

Seems I really am writing a book! Woohoo!!

Now lets see if I can keep the momentum for more than two days!