Jailbreak (a Journey in J)

Yesterday was “J” in the A to Z challenge. Once again I am a day late. Not doing so well in the discipline department. Ah well …


Surprisingly strong! Yet invisible … Chains built in the same forge. Also unseen.

I must get out!

JAILER!! (jailer …) LET ME OUT!! (please oh please)
For an eternity, no one answers. My throat grows hoarse with my cries.

But nobody comes to my rescue …


Then the whisper of a voice. On the verge of hearing. There but not there. Planting a seed of hope. Words start emerging …

“You” …  (me?) … did it say “have the key?” (me … I have no key … ). The voice grows stronger … the words clearer. “You ARE the key!”


The chains; the bars … I (ME!) made them! So only I can break them.

Freedom is up to me.