When meeting new people, one of the first things often asked is: “What do you do for a living?” I am never quite sure how to answer this question. “Eat, sleep, breath … you know the usual stuff,” generally results in a confused stare. To me, our life is NOT what we do for work. Work is just a tool to help us live in a manner we find worthwhile. My life has NEVER been defined by how (and IF) I earned money. If I HAD to try to define my life journey in a few words, I would go with: a continuous process of learning new things. Hopefully during this process I am also able to improve the world around me as well, but that is never a given. Yes I am always learning new things. No … the new things are not always positive or useful in any way. In either case, so my journey goes.

No life can fully be described in just a few paragraphs. Mine, being very non-traditional, would probably take a few … LONG … books. I start many more projects than I ever finish … always learning but rarely seeking expertise. Thus I flit from here to there, which may create a certain image for some, but it is who I am. I could never list EVERY “project” I am (or have been) involved in. However in recent years, some of them have managed to find there way to a digital presence. Learning how to do (and maintain) these various digital manifestations of self is one of the never-ending learning processes I am involved in. The point of THIS particular digital creation is a gateway to those other projects, all nice and tidy in one place. Thus I continue to learn, keep track of everything, AND provide an avenue for others to share in my learning experience if they so choose.

By the way, who is "me"?

In the off chance you are wondering who I am and what makes me tick, one of my many projects includes a ME site. It contains the same information as this site does, but is focused more on “WHO?” and “WHY?”, while this site is more about the “WHAT?” and “HOW?”.

Entirely too many web pages ...

All of my online projects are here (plus maybe a few sites that I have some connection to or just wanna share). The list may or may not change often, but if any of them are of interest, you can see what’s new on all of these sites, or visit them directly.

What have I been up to?

Check out my “totally unnecessary but I have it because I can” blog. Here I will give all the gory details of what I have been doing with regards to the various projects shared here. If you are interested, masochistic, or simply bored, wander on over!