Just call me Steve Quixote

Like many a blogger, I have gone through several stages of “Why am I doing this?” At first it was just a place to share many of my creations in one place. Once upon a time a I rarely let anyone see anything, but a proper skull knocking set me straight. Then as I delved into the mysterious world of blogging, I realized “Here is a place to be heard!!” So now I thought that I would share my wisdom and ideas with the masses, because surely my blog (by now blogs) would take off.

windmillIt did not take me long to be thoroughly disabused of this crazy delusion. It seemed to me that just like any other job, to be a truly successful blogger you either have to  be brilliant, obsessed, or be willing to work long hours (and in many cases all three are required). Since I don’t qualify for any of these … well fame and fortune were definitely out.

Having had one week of outstanding numbers (which I am now convinced was a glitch), I got a taste of stats addiction, and went through several months of withdrawal … continuously trying to regain that high … even though it was not to be. Eventually I got another good skull knocking, and I suddenly realized that I really am blogging simply because I enjoy creating … and sharing what I create. So for the last few months that is what I have been doing … sometimes less, sometimes more. If people read and enjoy, that’s great. If not … at least I enjoyed the creating.

Then the world started going crazy again. Not that it wasn’t before, but it seems something shifted in more recent months. I think humanity decided to go off its meds. I could no longer just sit on the sidelines and produce sarcastic commentary. It is time for me to get of my ass and DO. Of course there is one drawback with that idea. I am just me. I have no wealth; no power. All I am is a fringe dweller with a lot of crazy ideas.

Fortunately I have this cosmic fist that seems to like knocking me on the skull when I need a push. It dawned on me that many world-changing ideas were thought of as crazy at first.  So …

WELCOME TO A NEW WORLD A nation with no borders …

Time for a new blog. →→→

I mentioned my crazy idea once a few posts ago, and have since mentioned it in passing a few times. Now I would like to formally introduce my new blog. The blog is just a starting point. It will continuously grow and evolve, eventually becoming something more. If the idea catches, something MUCH more.

Part of the reason I am mentioning it here is … well …


So I am asking all you blogging gurus that occasionally like something I post to for a bit o ‘aid. If you think the idea has merit, please spread the word. And even more importantly, if anyone has a few spare moments in their busy schedules (I know most are not the wastrel that I am), contributions and suggestions are MOST welcome. Ideally I will have multiple administrators for the blog at some point, and eventually the “staff” will grow.


P.S. I promise no messianic delusions, and there will be no fruit punch!