Just what I needed!

For me communing with nature is the ultimate restorative. Sure mankind has made many wondrous things, and much life and beauty can be found in the “civilized” world as well. But sadly no matter how stimulating the world of man can be, it is also always shadowed by mankind’s alternate side. Everywhere man touches has its beauty, but it also has its shades of the darkness that we all carry as well. Sometimes the beauty is more prevalent, and the negatives lurk on the verge of unconscious, but this is almost worse, because then the unease seeps in from an indeterminate direction, and the beauty is marred. Other times the beauty is all but hidden, and must be searched for. Most often it falls somewhere in-between.

Either way the shadows have a way of sticking with us, building up inside like fat cells. Call it spiritual weight gain. Just like excess calories and a lack of physical exercise will make us gain weight and lose our physical health, an excess of negativity will do the same to our spirit. And if we do not find some way to remove this excess … we will ultimately get sick spiritually as well. Rejoining nature to me is like a spiritual enema … a cleansing and restoration that has no match. It has been a long time since I have done this … hence my dilemmas of the last few months.

Today’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups prompt inspired this bit of thought, and my creation is based on this. The prompt this week is the photo below. I hope you enjoy!

The air is so fresh up here!! And the view … WOW!!! Now THIS, this is life. How could anybody not appreciate this? It is wonderful just hearing the music of nature … nothing man-made. Sigh.

I wish I could fly! I would just jump off of here right now! I am soooo high up! They look like ants down there … oh wait that is an ant. I seriously need glasses. I still can’t believe anyone could not appreciate this. What has mankind become? I wish I could live up here. I would never leave!

I feel reborn!