Kan't seem to Kome up with something Kool (Krazy “K”)

Since I was lax in my daily post for the A to Z daily (except Sundaily) Challenge yesterday, I am doing two today. Unfortunately my kreative kapacity today seems very limited, partially bekause my mood is on the gloomy side, so after struggling through my “J” post, I seem at a loss for “K“. I have often found that when I am lakking kreative inspiration, the best thing I kan do is simply start typing, and see what emerges (as I might have mentioned before). So that is what I am doing.

Why am I so gloomy? I am not sure I kan explain. I am feeling rather like I am inkapable of “klosing the deal” lately. Like I am just spinning wheels and not aktually achieving much of anything. It is not a  new feeling, but it kreeps bakk every once in a while. Especially when I put effort into something and seem to get little return on it. Being kreative usually helps, but when the kreative juices dry up a bit, it kan be frustrating.

Lately my kamera is my best kreative outlet, but today, when I pulled out the kamera with specifik ideas in mind … I flopped kompletely. I did manage to kapture a kool pik of one of the kat’s I live with, but that one was mostly a mistake. Then I jumped into the J post (wich kaused me diffikulty too). Once I managed to kome up with something … I started thinking about the K post and kould not think of a thing.

Ah well! Guess I kan’t kill it every day!