Knot that again!

I am a fairly smart guy. I tend to get things that make others go "Huh?" Don’t get me wrong, I am no genius (well technically I am if you believe a test grade … but I for one don’t believe), but I do have a talent of seeing what others don’t necessarily see. Of course this might be mere delusion … but let a guy bask in his own perceived glory will ya!

In other words I frequently understand things.

That said, I also frequently don’t get things at all. Like why people like "Reality" TV shows. Or Golf. Or social networking (including blogging). Let’s add Guacamole to this list. And a free market economy. And spiked heels. And English spelling. And …

Well maybe I need to change my stand a bit and say I don’t seem to have a clue at all.

Anyway, what brought this little ramble on? A mysterious phenomenon that totally boggles my mind. One that I am sure others have encountered and been equally puzzled by. In this day and age of wireless this and that, we still manage to have quite a few wires about. Or maybe we have string for something, or yarn, or even a garden hose. It is a complete mystery to me how, no matter how neatly we coil and pack any of the above, as well as a whole slew of other long thin things … they will invariably become knotted and tangled again instantaneously.

""You all know it’s true.

You can separate, unkink, coil, and place neatly to your heart’s content, and guaranteed that as soon as you need them again they will be mysteriously tangled and knotted. Even only seconds after having neatened them up. This is a proven phenomenon. It is also proven that the degree of tangeldness is directly proportional to how urgently you need said wire; string; yarn; garden hose; etc.

Personally I think it is gnomes. It’s always gnomes!