Let me get this straight … a dialogue

Guess who: Why did you get pregnant in the first place?

Woman: My insurance company will not pay for birth control. I can’t afford it on my own.

Guess who: Well you shouldn’t be having sex before marriage.

Woman: I can’t marry my partner. I am gay.

Guess who: Then you shouldn’t be having children anyway. But if your gay, how did you get pregnant?

Woman: I was raped.

PrintGuess who: If you didn’t dress like that, you would never have been raped.

Woman: I was in my own house. A man broke in and raped me.

Guess who: If you had a gun, that would never have happened.

Woman: HE had a gun.

Guess who: He has a perfect right to have a gun. But none of this is an excuse for killing an unborn child.

Woman: I can’t afford to raise a child properly.

Guess who: Get a job.

Woman: I have two jobs. They both pay minimum wage.

Guess who: If you had a degree, you would get a better job. Go to school.

Woman: I have a master’s degree. I can’t afford a child because I am paying back my student loans.

Guess who: Well don’t ask us to help you pay for the child’s food, health care, and education. It’s your own fault you are poor and pregnant.

Woman: Then what am I supposed to do?

Guess who: Pray. It will solve everything.