Let the apple guide us

Existence is governed by laws. There is no denying this. Even the most minute particles have to obey the restriction that determine their reality. This does not mean that there are not exceptions, or possibly aberrations from the governing laws, but without some level of constancy existence would be complete chaos. This fundamental fact exists is all facets of existence, including life.

Humanity is unique in the fact that not only do we try to understand these rules … but we try to make our own as well. Seeking understanding is a sign of intelligence and wisdom … attempting to make our own laws of existence is to me the ultimate of hubris. We search for understanding in many different ways, depending on our personalities, level of knowledge, and even upbringing. Some look for  answers in science, others in faith, for some it falls in the areas in between. Understanding the rules we must live by is good. But we run into problems when humans try to make the rules themselves. Because then we start running into differences of opinion. Not a bad thing in itself, but when human designed rules become more important than what the rules are meant to govern … this ultimately almost always ends in violence and destruction. What once was meant as a guide for good living ultimately becomes an excuse to fight with our neighbors. I don’t see much value in that.

The irony is most of the rules that make the most sense; the rules that are not only easily observable but the easiest to live by, are self-evident. They are agreed on across the board. Yet for some reason these are the rules we fight tooth and nail. These are the laws that we CHOOSE to ignore because others have convinced us that they are not enough. And we have not learned yet that these laws cannot be ignored without consequences that we will not like. Humans are capable of such intelligence … such grace of thought. Except when we let our own desires govern those thoughts. Than we act like rabid animals. But hold others to blame for our actions.

This must stop.

Golden ruleIn classical physics, there is one fundamental law that has an effect on all of reality as we know it. Newton defined it as his Third Law of Motion, in its simplest form: to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. We use this law all the time without even realizing it. And even if it is not quite accurate on a quantum level, the basic idea still holds (with modification). One of the beauties of this law, is that it applies to the interactions of life as well.

Yes even human life.

This one law could not only ensure that we operate well within the rules of physical existence, but in emotional and spiritual existence as well. Every religion has some form of this law. And every science depends on it. Yet we often do our best to ignore it. Why? Following this law is actually the key to peace. The exact wording of the law differs, but the version I follow is called the Golden Rule:

Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.

That is really all it takes. If you want respect, you must give respect. If you want people to hear you, you must hear them. If you want to be treated kindly, you must treat others kindly. And the opposite is also true. Violence returns violence. Hatred answers hatred. Intolerance will push back at intolerance. Force will be responded to by force in the other direction. Is it really so hard to live by? It does not matter how you came to learn this law. Maybe your parents taught it, maybe your physics teacher. Or perhaps it was your church or temple. The simple fact that “EVERYONE” agrees on it is solid enough reason to accept its validity. So why don’t we stop complicating things? Why don’t we stop obfuscations for personal gain and simply live by rules that are obvious and self-evident? Instead of choosing to complicate life and make it that much more difficult to live with our neighbors, why don’t we simplify again, and remember this obvious wisdom that even a child can understand?

Once again, it is really THAT easy.