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The whole point of PAX Nation is to try to form a collective of like thinkers. Right now nobody seems very inclined to join in so I went to twitter and did a search for the thoughts and ideas of other bloggers with similar aims. These are some other members of that growing blogging collective known as Bloggers for Peace (#B4Peace on twitter). Enjoy. Appreciate. Maybe gain some wisdom and ideas of your own …

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  1. Steve KramerTiny Klout Flag49Steve Kramer ‏@taochild429m

    Sometimes, when we search for peace we forget a very basic rule … appreciate the moment! #peace #B4Peacehttp://fb.me/25lbB54Yk 

  2. Athena Brady AuthorTiny Klout Flag52Athena Brady Author ‏@athenabrady6h

    Giving Something Back 16 http://wp.me/p2zG6L-d0  #B4Peace

  3. KozoTiny Klout Flag41Kozo ‏@everydaygurus11 May

    Are mothers the original peacemakers? http://bit.ly/ZPYJt2  Happy Mother’s Day to all. “You are appreciated”~2Pac #B4Peace

  4. KozoTiny Klout Flag41Kozo ‏@everydaygurus8 May

    Would you rather be punctual or compassionate? http://bit.ly/12hezyT  Slow down for Peace #B4Peace

  5. Athena Brady AuthorTiny Klout Flag52Athena Brady Author ‏@athenabrady3 May

    How do we teach the concept of peace to children? http://wp.me/p2zG6L-cM  please check out and share #B4Peace

  6. KozoTiny Klout Flag41Kozo ‏@everydaygurus2 May

    Have you ever been called out by your kid when you lied? http://bit.ly/12YBgsL  #B4Peace

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  7. rarasaurTiny Klout Flag44rarasaur ‏@Rarasaur29 Apr

    #b4peace – Vignettes on my childhood peace journey, and a few metaphors in questionable taste: http://wp.me/p2E0Bd-25N 

  8. KozoTiny Klout Flag41Kozo ‏@everydaygurus24 Apr

    There are no good guys or bad guys. How Anakin Skywalker can teach our children about peace. http://bit.ly/17TMSxz  #B4Peace

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  9. KozoTiny Klout Flag41Kozo ‏@everydaygurus11 Apr

    Life tricks us into believing that we are lack when in “reality” we are abundance. http://bit.ly/16PEXTa  #B4Peace #Onelove

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  10. D. S. WalkerTiny Klout Flag52D. S. Walker ‏@dswalkerauthor6 Apr

    This month’s peace challenge for #B4Peace is related to children. Pam shared this one: Peace Picnic http://dlvr.it/3BcCY5  via @Ltd_To_Two

  11. Athena Brady AuthorTiny Klout Flag52Athena Brady Author ‏@athenabrady15 Mar

    How Do You Deal With Forgiveness ? http://wp.me/p2zG6L-aL  please check out and share #mywana #B4Peace

  12. Athena Brady AuthorTiny Klout Flag52Athena Brady Author ‏@athenabrady15 Mar

    Giving Something Back 8 http://wp.me/p2zG6L-aW  please check out and share #mywana #B4Peace

  13. KozoTiny Klout Flag41Kozo ‏@everydaygurus11 Mar

    “Your life is not working out perfectly.” Wisdom from Jeff Foster, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and more. http://bit.ly/Y5L5Rg  #B4Peace #Mindfulness

  14. D. S. WalkerTiny Klout Flag52D. S. Walker ‏@dswalkerauthor9 Mar

    @nouturnsinlife: I’m finding my peace through forgiveness. How do you find yours? http://goo.gl/XKXM0  via @dswalkerauthor #B4Peace

  15. KM HuberTiny Klout Flag45KM Huber ‏@KM_Huber8 Mar

    Thursday Tidbits: The Fragrance of Forgiveness http://wp.me/p1PYIc-CU  via @KM_Huber Is it always hard; should it be? #B4Peace #Zen #inspire

  16. KozoTiny Klout Flag41Kozo ‏@everydaygurus4 Mar

    Can we have peace without gender equality? http://bit.ly/XRM07N  Taking a stand to stop violence against women today. #B4Peace

  17. ClaudiaTiny Klout Flag45Claudia ‏@claudiapath3 Mar

    My attempt at haiku for Haiku Heights and also my peace post for March. “Family Peace”. #Haiku #Poetry #B4peace http://motherwifestudentworker.wordpress.com/2013/03/02/family-peace/ …