Life is an animated movie.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by animation. Even now as an “adult” my favorite movies and TV shows to watch are of the animated variety. I have often wondered why this is. Not that I was too concerned about it. But it does present a bit of social difficulty when a 45-year-old guy goes to a supposedly for kids animated movie all alone. One can practically feel the assumptions in the air! Not to mention the distrust of mom-a-rific proportions!

One of my attempts at playing with animation: [youtube=]

In my pre-high school years I was in one of those “advanced” education programs. At the time somewhat experimental I believe. It was one of those types of programs where they took a young terrified 3rd grader for special tests to see if they made the cut.  Apparently I had a high “IQ”? I had no clue how I caught it! And seems I was going to have to go to a “special” place with others who also had the cursed disease!

Yep I went to school on the small bus!

One of the great things about this program is it did let those in it explore their creative sides. In junior high, we had some big projects to do. Each of us had to do a science project and a creative project (not at the same time). They were supposed to be multi-week projects with various stages and deadlines. For my creative project I chose to do a claymation movie. In typical me fashion, instead of spreading it out over the multiple weeks available, and planning ahead, I did the whole project in about 8 hours just prior to the final due date. Which basically meant I made it up as I went along.

I was actually kind of proud of the results.

Anyway a few weeks back I was doing a random attempt to organize my life … and my room … and ran across the movie. It being 20+ years later, I had the strong need to see it again, because it was my first attempt at animation, and the only one that ever made it to film. But I also wanted to be able to share it with others. So I began the process of converting it to digital.

As I was waiting to see it again, it suddenly dawned on my why I am so fascinated with animation.

Animation is a physical representation of my fundamental philosophy. I am a firm believer of living in the now; of creating our future one moment at a time. That is exactly how animation works. Each moment is fully explored. A shift is made (a choice), and the next moment is then explored. Before long, a whole world is created, one moment at a time.

Life is an animated movie!!

Today I finally got the digitized version of the movie back! While not exactly as I remembered it (what memory ever is), it is still fun. Hard to believe how much energy went into such a short animated clip. Makes one truly appreciate how much work goes in to the modern high tech movies of today!

Hope you all enjoy!![youtube=]