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When meeting new people, one of the first things often asked is: “What do you do for a living?” I am never quite sure how to answer this question. “Eat, sleep, breath … you know the usual stuff,” generally results in a confused stare. To me, our life is NOT what we do for work. Work is just a tool to help us live in a manner we find worthwhile. My life has NEVER been defined by how (and IF) I earned money. If I HAD to try to define my life journey in a few words, I would go with: a continuous process of learning new things. Hopefully during this process I am also able to improve the world around me as well, but that is never a given. Yes I am always learning new things. No … the new things are not always positive or useful in any way. In either case, so my journey goes.

No life can fully be described in just a few paragraphs. Mine, being very non-traditional, would probably take a few … LONG … books. I start many more projects than I ever finish … always learning but rarely seeking expertise. Thus I flit from here to there, which may create a certain image for some, but it is who I am. I could never list EVERY “project” I am (or have been) involved in. However in recent years, some of them have managed to find there way to a digital presence. Learning how to do (and maintain) these various digital manifestations of self is one of the never-ending learning processes I am involved in. The point of THIS particular digital creation is a gateway to those other projects, all nice and tidy in one place. Thus I continue to learn, keep track of everything, AND provide an avenue for others to share in my learning experience if they so choose.

How I live my life goes hand and hand with how I view the world ...

Of course there's a BLOG!

Check out my “totally unnecessary but I have it because I can” blog. Here I will give all the gory details of what I have been doing with regards to the various projects shared here. If you are interested, masochistic, or simply bored, take a gander!

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