Lifetime Guarantee, a Two-fer Tuesday post

Today’s prompt for the Week of Words Challenge is called Two-fer Tuesday. The challenge is to describe the most amazing deal we have ever gotten in the form of an ad. Me not being much of a materialist, this is a pretty tough challenge for me … partly because I try my best to avoid ads like poison oak. But it also gives me a nice chance to embrace my irreverent side (WARNING: this might offend some), so here goes:

Design it yourself!

One size fits all!

Start with one of a few basic designs^, and make it into what you want it to be. Completely programmable.  The possibilities are endless!! There are a few limitations inherent in the basic design, but within those limits ANYTHING can be made. And it is very easy to upgrade. Energy requirements and output may vary.* Depending on how it is programmed, it can be very compatible with other models. Multitasking is also an attainable feature. Make your own unique version the best that there is!

Billions have one already, don’t be left out!

The best part? It comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Don’t be the only one without! Go to your nearest dealer today and get one for yourself!!

*Rechargeable batteries and labor included in purchase price.
^ Prices may vary.