Living in an electronic world

I am a fairly smart guy. I am pretty adept at learning things quickly; often on the first try. Yet as I delve more and more into he world of Social Networking, I am finding more and more …

… that I just don’t get it.

Seriously. What’s the big deal. How does letting your 60,000 followers on Twitter know that you just combed you hair actually improve anything? That is of course if anyone of those 60,000 followers actually noticed that you combed your hair, since they are no doubt following 10,000 other people who are also combing their hair.

I mean sure it is cool that I now have friends from all corners of the (round) globe. And it is wonderful that I am up all hours chatting with them, ensuring that I don’t actually do anything useful … like for instance, sleep. No doubt in the spare time between chatting with all my online friends I will eventually find a job, or write a book, which will no doubt hit the best seller list, making me rich enough to actually meet my around the world friends.

""Fortunately there are all these career oriented Social Networking sites that are a great way to find all those other people who are looking for the same job you are. We can compare notes on how unsuccessful we are in actually finding THAT job. Of course it is a great way to network for those that don’t necessarily need the benefit of networking.

Even blogging sometimes boggles the mind. Put a lot of thought and effort into a post and guaranteed it will not actually be read. But put a little aside telling how you sprained your thumb and will not actually post  because you can’t type and suddenly you are world-renowned.

The most recent invention in the Social Networking world that I encountered is called Klout. This is a Social Networking site devoted to tell you how well you are doing at Social Networking. It grades you on a scale of 1 to 100, and tells you how much "influence" you have in the Social Networking world.  As far as I can tell, what best determines a high value is a lot of activity on all of your Social Networking sites. In other words, to insure that you are well-known and have influence online, you basically have to spend all of your time online.

I am so very glad they developed this highly advanced new website to tell me this.