Looking for magic …

For some reason this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Adults is eluding me.  Guess my brain’s vacation has not ended yet. I jumped up and down a few times trying to shake something loose, but the magic just is not catching hold today. This was the best I could manage. Maybe inspiration will return after I stop jumping like a mad man. Hope there is some enjoyment to be had in this:

Prompt:  …is it me or are bells ringing?….

Attempt: (good or bad it’s her fault!)

Some say that “magic” is not real.

How could one think this? There is so much magic out there to behold if we just open ourselves to it. Look at the twinkle of those lights! Listen to the tinkle of those bells! Look beyond the consumerism; beyond the selfishness and greed. Listen with your heart and soul. Can you not see it? Feel it? How can you miss it in this season of special magic, carried by winged guardians. It is said that every time a bell rings one of these guardians gets its wings.

Is it me or are bells ringing?

Feel the magic …