Lost in time … yet again!

Hey guys! I am back!

Guys? Guys? Yooohoooo! ‘memba me?

Between my cosmic wanderings and my eternal goal to get the world’s record for the most number of unread blogs, I have been fairly busy of late. IN the world even! One would think that would mean much fodder for this site, and one would be absolutely correct. But I have been detoured by all the things I have been doing, like creating YET ANOTHER WEBSITE, and reportedly writing at least three books, so have found little time (motivation?) to interrupt my game playing … er … um … work just to hopefully make one really bored someone or other chuckle for a second.

But just the other day I had a very Ninja Cat worthy moment. That and a sudden inexplicable(?) need for self-promotion … I guess that is like a Blog Commercial … I decided to jump back in and say hi. And maybe even get that chuckle.

The story in a nutshell … well technically the story was in the … ahem … “office”. I was not sitting at my usual “desk”, and that combined with a severe but highly productive lack of sleep for several days, had me a little discombobulated. I said to the young gentleman I was about to do business with … as he put ice in my glass … “Why does this NOT seem like the normal friday staff?”

Without batting an eye (or even throwing in some well-earned sarcasm) he answered, “Because it’s Saturday.”

Does anyone know of a good class in understanding calendars?