Love, loons, legos and lots more …

It is time for the L post, and I must admit I am at a Loss. I can’t seem to come up with an L word that Lets me create something I actually Like. First I was going to go with Love. But I realized I really know nothing about it. Not to mention I cannot even come close to the wonderful bit on Love written by athursdayschild.

Then I was was thinking I know something about Loneliness. But that would be too depressing! So I Lost that idea. Next came Light. That one was a Likely possibility. I do have a fascination with Light. But then I realized that it would possibly mess up plans for P and R. So maybe save that for Later!

So what else? Loons came to mind. I have Loads of Loon ideas. I started, but again realized that I am cutting into future posts (specifically N). Leave that one for now then. This suddenly conjures up Looney Tunes! There is much that can be said about Looney Tunes! Let me think about that one!

Legos kept popping in and out of the List. I mean, who doesn’t have something to say about Legos? Leave it to me to be the one who doesn’t. What a Loser!

I could do a rant on Labels. or perhaps Listening. But I am Liable to get a bit bitter, so maybe I should Leave that too. I could also always rant about my Legal issues with my License, but I am sure nobody wants to read about that part of my Life.

Lordy, Lordy, what to write?

I Legitimately  don’t know. And I though the Letter K was a tough one!

I guess I  will Lay down and think Little more.