Making a difference (a short bit o' M)

Everyone wants their lives to make a difference. We all want to be remembered; to make our mark. The challenge is how to do it. Ultimately everything we do is with this in mind.

Every once in a while, though, the opportunity to do just that is handed to us. Just recently I was asked to be a soldier in a war of epic proportions. This war could affect life as we know it, and is the very essence of Good vs Evil.

There is only one difficulty.

I can’t decide which side to fight for. I mean we all know that Evil always has the most fun, and usually wins until the last miracle that saves all for Good in the end. But hey Evil is about due for a victory, and I must admit this particular evil army has some heavy hitters!

It is a bit of a dilemma. I mean there are good things to be said about Good, but Evil is just sounding like they are all that. If my evil twin were not off doing unspeakable things elsewhere, we could both get involved and have some good old family bonding time.

Ah well, maybe I will just flip a coin. At least I have my “M” post for the A to Z Challenge now.