Math has never been so tasty

Few may know this, or even be able to tell if they have wandered my blogs, but I have a degree in physics. This basically means that I qualify for the label of geek. Or nerd at the very least. And as with many geeks/nerds, I freely admit that I have a fascination with math. I just recently watched the whole series Numb3rs and must admit I wanted to be the Math Prof.

That said, I am pretty well aware that the average Joe (or Jane for that matter) really is not all that excited by math. Especially if the math is something required say … for school homework. Fortunately in this day and age of modern advanced technology, there are these neat devices called calculators that take a lot of the actually detestable thinking out of math. I mean who needs to do such mundane things as add and subtract when there are nifty little mechanical brains to do all the work for you … most likely in your phone even.

On the other hand, as may be well evident in my blogs, I am also a connoisseur of distraction. I have thoroughly mastered the art of chasing the shiny object. Or more frequently the yummy smelling object. What better way to avoid doing something you are supposed to be doing than pursuing some bit of gastronomic goodness?

So I will paint a picture for you. A student is sitting down to do their math homework. They have managed to avoid it with every trick in the book. After all it is yuckie math homework. But now it must be done. Fortunately the calculator is right there. Our hero


looks at the problem, scratches their heroic head, and picks up the calculator in the hopes that the little electronic brain will produce the answer. Suddenly our hero gets a whiff of something. Is that … chocolate? Upon closer inspection (i.e. a good sniff of the calculator) the smell is confirmed. Yep. Chocolate. Now all worries about evil math homework duties are duly shelved, as the house is throughly searched for a bit of chocolate that out hero is now thoroughly craving.

I seriously want to know who even thought a chocolate smelling calculator was a GOOD idea?