Maybe I should introduce myself …

If you are here on this site, something caught your attention. But, unless you already know me, you might at this point be wondering: “Who IS this guy, and why would I want him to help me? I mean, what is so special about him anyway?” I guess a good place to start would be for me to tell y’all a little bit about me, so you know what you might be getting into here.

So what IS so special about me? The truth be told, absolutely nothing. I am no more special than anyone else. I am just a guy trying his best to live a good and productive life. I have followed a different path than many, not settling for the typical 9 to 5, married with 2.5 children and a pet lifestyle, but I am still just a guy. I have spent my life looking for my purpose in the world, trying many things and not really finding a good fit. In the process I have managed to see a fair bit of the world, and maybe even lived what to others may seem like an adventurous lifestyle. I have made many mistakes, and (hopefully) learned from most of them. Like I said, just another guy.

This is me 🙂

I have always been a fairly active person … some would say a bit foolhardy even. When I was younger, like so many, I pushed the limits of my body frequently without taking into account possible future consequences. My youthful exuberance stayed with me, even as my body started that inevitable thing called aging, which meant it often could not keep up with my intent. Then that thing called life started getting in the way, and the next thing I knew I was a middle-aged couch potato with way to many extra pounds, a serious lack of motivation, and worse yet very little energy to pursue any goals whatsoever (even if I could figure out what my goals were).

In recent years, due to both choices I have made, and circumstances not completely in my control, I have found myself basically income-less and effectively living in a cave. Far from homeless, but not exactly an active member of society either. After some deep self exploration, I decided it was time to start actually LIVING again. I reconnected with the world through the unlikely avenue of blogging (I now have five plus this one … if anyone wants to know me inside and out, my list of blogs is down there ↓ somewhere). Things I (re?)learned about myself:

  1. What I value most is helping people.
  2. I need to start pursuing this again.
  3. I need to get myself back to the active me again if I want to achieve this.
  4. First step, get physically fit … and earn some income again.

Being the nomadic type person I am, I do not do well with gyms and too regular exercise. I have rarely found anything I could stick with for any length of time. But now that I had a CHANGE IT NOW! attitude, I wanted a kick yourself into shape quick workout that I could potentially stick with. And lo and behold an opportunity appeared. Enter Team Beach Body. I have to admit, the name did not really excite me, because to me it sounds very superficial. But I jumped in and found not only that it WORKS, but it works well enough that I am actually willing to help other people get involved. To achieve their own fitness goals; to help return our society to one of HEALTHY people; and to maybe in the process earn a little money to actually pursue my own dreams again.

That is me in a nutshell. If you would like to learn more, feel free to check out one of my other blogs, or simple send me a note directly. I promise I won’t try to sell you anything unless you want me to haha. But I am always willing to make new friends!

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