Maybe I should re-re-introduce myself

The world has changed a lot in the last 3 years. When the world changes, then we all change with it … even if we fight tooth and nail not to. I am no different than anyone else, especially in this respect. I have become a different person in the last few years. I would love to hold the activity in the world solely responsible, but the reality is that I have been on my own transformative journey even without the influence of the pesky world.

The combined result is the ME I am today. This ME often has me double taking when I look in the mirror. This ME has me wondering not only about what is next, but what WAS that led me to be … well … ME. In one sense I have not changed much at all. I have simply shed layers of illusions that “defined” the me that I thought I was, leaving me closer to the ME that I AM.

One of the changes has been a loss in interest in many activities that (I thought) used to define me. Among these was the blogging I embraced for a while. I kept my many blogs alive, but only in a “plugged into respirator” sense of alive. Three years ago I was going to restart this project along with others related to it. It seems I am just getting around to it now.

I am starting over with all of these ideas. I am incorporating what was, but shaping things differently, and approaching everything with a new perspective. This site is no longer anything more then me reintroducing myself to … you guessed it … ME.

As with the last time I restarted this site, I am announcing it with a new logo. Actually the whole site is a complete makeover. Only fitting, since the same applies to ME. I do not know if anyone will actually visit this site. I do not even know if I will maintain any continuous presence here one I am done with the current makeover. But in this moment I want and need to write this post. And so a new journey begins.