Yesterday, you have done by me well.
You have taught me much more than I can tell.
I hate to say goodby, it is really true.
But now beckons, and the future does too.
Some say parting is such sweet sorrow,
but that still leaves joy for welcoming tomorrow.
The past is truly past, and so it will always remain.
But that does not mean we remember it in disdain.
It has shaped our now; as it always will,
Yet we must keep eyes for the future still.
Yesterday, you have done by me well.
You have taught me much more than I can tell.

This “poem” was inspired by this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups. The prompt was

…parting is such sweet sorrow….

For those of you swinging by from the 100WCGU, feel free to stop reading now, since this is really what you are looking for. But I am once again doing a two for one, and am going to explore the thoughts behind the poem a little bit more. For the brave among you  … keep reading! 🙂

Change artChange is part of life. This is a simple fact. But somehow it becomes more evident for people at this time of year, as life reemerges from its “dormant” state,  getting a fresh start, almost as if attempting to wipe away the shadows of yesterday. The pattern is never-ending … birth, aging, death. Yet each new rendition of the pattern is slightly different. It is not a precise mechanized process, but rather art being repeated over and over, with each new work somehow different from the last. Many would halt the process, or worse yet try to reverse it. That is basically fear of the unknown. But those who truly value life in all its glory will embrace it, and even do what they can to add to the art.

Lately, though it seems that the world is in a tight conflict between those who embrace the change that is inherent in life, and those who refuse to accept it. So in a way this post is an homage to those who choose to embrace life. And taking an opportunity to do a little shameless plugging 😉 Many of those close to me are heeding the call, and so many people I know are stepping out of their comfort zone and basically reaching for the stars (me included). There is no way that I could list even a fraction of the people I know doing this right now, but I can do a shout out for a few, and maybe they will get some benefit from my hurrah.

For one, my sister has taken a leap of faith into her future, which includes stepping her blog up to HER blog, domain and all. I know many of you have followed her for several years now, but I wanted to help spread the word that she has moved. Check out her new manifestation of creativity. I have two more bogs I want to point out, and on the surface it looks like I am just promoting myself. While I am involved with both of them, the truth is I am trying to get them noticed more for what they represent than because my name is attached. One is more than a blog, but an attempt at creating a movement. I have mentioned PAX Nation before. Yes I came up with the idea, but my intent has always been to make it into some sort of group effort … hopefully something that will grow and take form without NEEDING my input. So if you think humanity is moving in the wrong direction, and want to maybe try to guide it towards life again, maybe you might want to take a look.

More change artMy final shout out is two a new project I am doing with my blogging brother Mark (many of you know him as The Idiot). We have undertaken a journey for self growth that somehow has manifested into an attempt for two middle-aged Idiots to maybe make a little difference in the world. For more details, take a look at our joint website, Two Hiking Idiots. Again, I am not doing this to promote myself or the blog itself, but we are trying to raise as much money as we can for as many charities as we can in the process of our little endeavor, so would love if anyone feels they can contribute.

Frankly there are many people I wish I could shout out about right now. It seems this season change has become the anthem of many. Which is a truly wonderful thing. For the individuals and the world at large. So despite my “selfish plugs”, I want to be sure to give the honor do to all these days who are embracing a better future. Kudos to all of you. Every little bit counts! 😀