Murphy’s Traffic Laws

There I was driving along. It was a road in the middle of nowhere. Straight road with miles between cross roads. Not another soul on the road. I could see the next cross road up ahead, though it would be several minutes until I actually reached it. Not a soul on that road either. Been driving for a couple of hours, with a few more to go. Nobody anywhere to be seen as I approached the cross road. I got to intersection and suddenly…


Six cars came out of nowhere on the cross road, forcing me to have to wait.

It’s like living in a cartoon I tells ya!!

Has this ever happened to you? It seems to always happen to me! Since I am mostly walking these days, I have noticed this particular phenomenon seems to happen even walking.

One of the routes from my current abode is along a very well travelled road. There is one somewhat busy intersection that is downright uncanny. I can see it for some distance as I walk. I will be at the bottom of the hill walking towards it, and not a car will be on that road, or turning on to it even. It takes a couple of minutes to actually get to the intersection from the moment you can see it. The whole time I am walking towards it it will likely be empty.

Yet it never fails that as soon as I get to the point where I need to cross it, there will be at least five cars either on the cross road or waiting to turn on it. Makes me laugh every time!

I am thinking they should have a scratch ticket machine on that corner. Maybe I would actually win for a change!!