Mutant Ninja Squirrels!

It seems there is a rival clan of ninjas in town!

They boldly invaded our territory without even bothering to use stealth techniques. They did their dastardly deeds right in front of Lucky, as if offering a challenge. Lucky, master ninja that she is, just placidly looked on, not rising to the bait.



But these ninjas seem to have mad skill. Obviously they lusted after the pumpkins on the stoop, and made it known. But then the later, when the guard was down, they apparently snuck back and completely made off with one of the pumpkins. Without leaving any traces behind.

At least that is the going theory. I mean obviously no one would simply steal a small pumpkin of little value except to squirrels and chipmunks for no conceivable reason right?

But just in case it was not in fact Mutant Ninja Squirrels making of with said pumpkin, mom left a note on the door.


Go mom!