My dastardly plan

It seems I finally decided on a new look for the blog. It is not THAT much different from the way it was, but a little brighter and maybe a little easier to read. So why did I randomly decide to change things? Well for one, this is the season of change. But it is really much more than that. In just a few months I am about to embark on a journey that will no doubt change my life. But to properly be prepared for THAT journey I have to change things NOW as well. Mostly about how I am approaching life.

I am in no way saying I am not happy with who I am. But I have been less proactive in guiding my own “destiny” than I could be, and have been finding too many convenient excuses for doing so. While change still can happen if one simply waits for it, one really has no say in WHAT that change is without lending a hand to it. So if I want to change any part of my world, I need to stop TALKING about it so much, and start DOING it. I have plenty of projects brewing, but few have gotten much beyond the initial start stage. And the only person I can blame for that is myself. So now I need to get off the creative ass, and start using the creative hands again.

Fortunately, I am just shy of being a master of the art of procrastination, so I tend to work better under pressure.

spread the wordBy now, some who are reading this will no doubt be wondering what the BLEEP I am on about … again. Be patient, all will be (slightly) clearer momentarily.

I’m sure it has been clear to discerning eyes, but I am no capitalist. If anything, I am the exact opposite. I have no problem working hard for something or someone, but I am just as likely to do it for free as for remuneration … if I value what I am doing. Most jobs I ever had had absolutely no value to me … that is why I really have not had anything resembling a traditional income in years. But that does not mean I don’t keep busy. I am (or have been) involved in may projects that I think are worthwhile, and gladly help in any way I can, money or no. Unfortunately the reality we live in does not like my way of operating … even if I think said reality has lost any sense of … well … reality. So despite the idiots that the pursuit of material wealth makes of humans, it is an evil that must be born if one wants to get anything done in this day and age.

Oops. My clarifying is getting cloudy.

To simplify:

I am involved in several projects. None actually make any money. My primary focus right now is to hike the Appalachian Trail (details here) for personal growth AND charity. This takes a fair amount of money. So I need to get money somehow, even if it is against my nature. Succinct enough? Why am I sharing this?

Well basically, I need help.

I know, I know, I have asked before. But I still need help. “What do you expect US to do?” You are no doubt thinking if you have not drifted off already. Well I’ll tell you …

  1. Spread the word! Promote me! If I reach thousands, maybe 1 or 3 will take pity on a lazy-good-for-nothing … er … um … non-traditional worker.
  2. Find something you want from my “business“. Mutual benefit there if you want to improve your fitness level.
  3. Hire me for  … anything. I have many skills, and will not quibble about how much. I am willing to do just about anything as long as I am capable of doing it.
  4. Pledge to charities to make all this craziness worthwhile. It really is NOT about me.
  5. Make a donation directly to the cause (basically help me and my partners do this crazy thing) even a dollar will help (especially if a few thousand people each donate a dollar haha).

I understand that many people don’t have a lot of spare cash to throw about these days, especially to a loon guy like me, so really the best way most people can help is to spread the word. I think this whole project has a chance to do a lot of good for others in need, and ultimately I hope to turn it into a book. Maybe if any return comes from that, I can make this a regular activity, geared to raising money for many charities. Who knows where this might go?

Everything I am doing now is focused on this particular project (including my 14000 other blogs. The current book projects might end up on hold unless I manage to finish one and sell it in the next month).

P.S. I am even considering promoting this as a Reality TV show. Can’ get much crazier than that.

P.P.S. Sorry this was so long. I hope I did not bore everyone away before the begging my request was made.